StarLeaf announces partnership with Poly

The secure, enterprise video meeting platform will be supported on the latest Poly conferencing tools, including the Poly Studio X30, Poly Studio X50 and Poly G7500.

StarLeaf meetings are now available on the newest video solutions from Poly, including the Poly Studio X30, Poly Studio X50 and Poly G7500. StarLeaf software will be supported virtually out of the box.

StarLeaf’s enterprise video meeting solution will provide secure, feature-rich meetings to both new customers and current customers. Through this partnership, StarLeaf will supply the room subscription and meetings platform while Poly supplies the meeting room systems. StarLeaf has chosen Poly as its hardware partner so customers can enjoy premium audio and video collaboration systems for their meeting spaces while maintaining a consistent StarLeaf meeting experience across all rooms.

StarLeaf CPO Kevin Bernitz, commented: “Our partnership with Poly brings together two of the most experienced vendors in the industry. At StarLeaf, we are all about allowing people to come together and collaborate in a way that suits them and we understand that this needs to be whenever and however they choose, using the solution that is their best fit. As leaders in their field, the range of Poly endpoints was the obvious choice for StarLeaf when looking for a third party to extend our meeting room offering.”

Tim Root, VP & GM of the Group Collaboration Business Unit at Poly, said: “Poly Studio X30 and Studio X50 video bars and Poly G7500 video conferencing system demonstrate our commitment to enhancing customers’ meeting experiences. Through a new partnership with StarLeaf, we are now extending the advanced video collaboration features to StarLeaf meetings customers, whether they are participating from their home or remote offices.”

Existing owners of a Poly Studio X30, Poly Studio X50 or Poly G7500 can try StarLeaf meetings for free with a 30-day trial by StarLeaf.

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New Barco Clickshare Conference

ClickShare Conference, the perfect partner for the new hybrid Workplace

Kortrijk, Belgium, July 2020 – With the launch of ClickShare Conference last February, global technology leader Barco addressed the emerging need for wireless conferencing in meeting rooms. The workplace has undergone massive changes and the key trends have only accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic. A whole workforce is moving into the era of hybrid working, and for most of us the laptop has become the prime window to the world for communicating and conferencing. This dynamic, often described as BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), is exactly why customers love using ClickShare Conference in their meeting rooms to run all their Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and other calls.

Launched at ISE Amsterdam earlier this year, ClickShare Conference brought a revolutionary solution to respond to the increasing need for BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) in the workplace. With BYOM you walk into any meeting room, plug in the Conferencing Button and easily host a video conference from your own device. Within seconds you benefit from the AV setup of the room you are in. Of course, using your preferred conferencing solution (e.g. Microsoft TeamsWebexZoom and many more). Remote working was already on the rise and the new ClickShare technology enables a truly flexible way of working.

What is ClickShare Conference – and how can it benefit your business?

The ClickShare Conference range takes conferencing to an entirely new level. The way we work is being fundamentally transformed, and our increasingly digitized lifestyles are being reflected in how we work alongside one another. Wireless conferencing allows you to collaborate much more closely and efficiently with colleagues scattered across different locations.

The range of wireless conferencing solutions from Barco ClickShare is designed to work seamlessly with your existing video conferencing system and audio-visual peripherals – microphones, soundbars and cameras – without the hassle of physically connecting them using cables and adapters. This makes remote meetings as intuitive and straightforward as face-to-face meetings.

Attain richer collaboration with the ClickShare Collaboration App and ClickShare Conferencing Button. What’s more, ClickShare Conference systems come with a range of outstanding and useful features.


ClickShare CX-30

Seamless, wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting and conference rooms

For meetings to be as productive as they can possibly be, participants need to feel engaged and inspired. ClickShare CX-30 from Barco offers a seamless wireless conferencing solution that can be used on any device to bring teams together–wherever they are in the world–to participate in inclusive meetings that generate the best ideas and discussion points. Compatible with any PC, laptop or Mac device running Windows, Android or iOS operating systems; ClickShare CX-30 can turn small to medium-sized meeting rooms into innovative meeting and conference facilities.

Extron and Poly in Meeting Room Partnership

The partnership will lead to new scalable, integration options for Extron systems with Poly room solutions for Microsoft Teams Room and Zoom Room solutions.


Extron has announced a partnership with Poly that will lead to new, scalable integration options for Extron control systems, audio devices, and signal switching with Poly Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams Room and Zoom Room solutions.

As one of the first developments, a simple tap on the Poly GC8 touchpanel can manage the meeting experience as well as send commands that trigger automation events for display power, shades, lighting, and more.

“We are proud to be the recognised standard room control and room automation partner for Poly,” said Casey Hall, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Extron. “With this new partnership, our mutual customers will be able to leverage a broad range of Extron audio, video, and control products with both Microsoft and Zoom.”

As part of this conferencing, control, and automation ecosystem, Extron also offers a hands-free option using occupancy sensors to turn on displays when participants enter a room and turn them off when the room is empty.

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Shure And Logitech Pair Up In Meeting Rooms

Shure is working with Logitech as part of the Logitech Collaboration Program on a solution that pairs the Microflex Advance Ceiling Array, Table Top Microphone, IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processors and Microflex Wireless microphone products with selected Logitech Video Collaboration products.

Customers will be able to choose from solutions that are scalable from medium to training rooms provided by Shure’s and Logitech’s global networks of channel partners. These solutions include the Logitech Rally Camera, and Logitech Tap base solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms..

“Shure and Logitech working together in the video conferencing space creates exceptional new opportunities for our joint end customers and business partners,” said Chris Merrick, director of global systems marketing at Shure. “This brings together the quality of Shure’s audio ecosystem with the strength of Logitech’s video to provide options for the best virtual conferencing experience.”

“We see Shure as the pro-AV solution for conference rooms, providing excellent off-the-table and tabletop options for audio,” said Sudeep Trivedi, head of alliances and go-to-market at Logitech Video Collaboration. “By closely collaborating, we are able to offer a better user experience to customers.”

The benefits of the solution include:

  • Collaboration between two trusted brands
  • The same control/user interface regardless of meeting space (ranging from huddle/medium rooms to larger board rooms) combined with Shure premium audio
  • Faster room deployment, with consistent audio results from room to room, powered by Shure’s IntelliMix technology.
  • The power of Steerable Coverage technology — the ceiling array uses Shure’s Steerable Coverage with Autofocus technology: eight highly directional pickup lobes capture participant audio from overhead, continually fine-tuning the position of each lobe in real time as participants lean back in their chairs or stand up
  • Attractive and discreet microphone design for every type of environment while ensuring superb acoustical coverage
  • Better visibility of mute activation
  • Secure audio that prevents eavesdropping with Shure Audio Encryption
  • The ability to see everyone in every seat at the table—perfectly framed—with Logitech RightSight

Covid 19 Customer Update

In response to the Government announcement on Tuesday 24th March regarding measures to control and prevent the spread of Covid 19 our offices are now closed.

Due to the nature of our business, we are fully equipped to work remotely. For any of our customers with technical problems please contact support, as normal and our team will respond.

Business Continuity – Poly Support

Poly Services has contingency plans to ensure that we can respond to customer calls with our usual
speed and professionalism. Poly’s Services Supply Chain has 57 integrated forward stocking locations
worldwide, giving us multiple options for spare part and product fulfillment. Poly’s Managed Services
infrastructure and support teams have redundancy and are geographically dispersed. Utilizing our world
class products ensures our team members the ability to ‘work from anywhere’, even if they can’t get to
the office. So rest assured, Poly is prepared to continue providing the support that our customers  depend on.

New Clevertouch UX Pro – A powerful Solution For Powerful Communications

What makes the UX Pro unique? The clue is in the name. An interactive team display designed with the user experience in mind, it’s the most effective communications solution on the market.

Great technology isn’t about pixels and power. It’s about what it can enable the user to do. Using High Precision technology for pinpoint accuracy, the powerful UX Pro from Clevertouch also offers a complete UC platform to facilitate global meeting requirements. It’s more than just a touch screen, it’s a full communications suite.

Successful communications result in better engaged audiences – no matter where they are. 54% of all meetings host remote participants and so the software and hardware used has to allow them to participate and be integrated effectively. UX Pro provides flexibility of in-office and remote meeting solutions, allowing for seamless integration with UC platforms such as Stage, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Shaun Marklew, Group Sales & Product Director at Clevertouch says “We’ve listened to what users want, and created the best communications solution for them. Designed for the ultimate user experience, UX Pro uses technology to enhance performance and productivity for all organisations, no matter their size, location, or operations. Flexibility is at its core, and with the ongoing support from Clevertouch, it really does offer a lifelong solution.”

Assign NFC cards to your team so they can quickly log-in and access thier files, settings and cloud accounts. Work anywhere, on any file source, at any time. Files and applications can be shared seamlessly, allowing for a fully integrative setup that is ready to work in the way you need it to.

Multi modal, it carries instant messaging, streaming, digital signage, internal announcements and advertising. Whatever your communication needs, UX Pro can help enable you to share it.

The high definition 4K touchscreen can display content from any brand of device. UX Pro provides superior performance, allowing you to create the immersive experiences at a lower cost with no ongoing costs.

UX Pro comes with our highest audio spec yet of a built-in line array microphone, 45-watt max power (15-watt sub-woofer) of room filling sound. Our High Precision Super Glide Touch technology offers the most fluid writing experience on touchscreen, with no lag, whether you’re using fingers or the dual recognition stylus.

UX Pro is also environmentally friendly, using proximity sensors to boot up when someone enters the room, and switch off when the room is empty. As businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s an ideal addition to communications infrastructure.

Unlike many systems, UX Pro comes at one fixed cost with support and a comprehensive industry leading warranty. There are no ongoing subscription charges, making it a more cost-effective option.

UX Pro is not just a singular product but a solution for communication and collaboration. In a business environment where ideas need to flow across dispersed teams, it offers the perfect user experience. Powerful communications need a powerful solution – UX Pro is it.

Officially launching at ISE 2020 on booth 13-C140.

New Kramer XSPerience For All Meeting Room Environments

Kramer has announced the Kramer XSPerience family of audio DSP solutions. At ISE 2020, Kramer demonstrated its wholly flexible approach to audio management, with a new range of Kramer XSPerience products that offer complete connectivity freedom, as well as all transfer technologies covered.

With new solutions for huddle rooms, conference rooms of any size, or large corporate connectivity, Kramer bring simplicity and ease to installers, end users and IT managers alike.

Designed specifically for huddle spaces, the DSP-62-AEC from Kramer is a brand new, easy to install and simple to use plug-and-play mini-audio DSP solution. Meeting the needs and demands of organisations that continue to invest in huddle spaces to complement their larger meeting rooms, the new DSP-62-AEC ticks all the boxes for quality and reliability to guarantee the huddle space experience is maximised – keeping participants connected and the conversation flowing in more compact areas.

All prime connectivity options are catered for, with bi-directional audio via USB, dual HDMI inputs and one HDMI output with de-embedding to manage any type of presentation. DSP-62-AEC can support 4 analogue microphones and an additional stereo audio input. Furthermore, DSP-62-AEC can route and mix any audio source, with a powerful DSP engine. Auto-switching HDMI, Class Complaint USB, AEC – Everything you need for any type of huddle space.

The latest AFM-20DSP audio matrix from Kramer does not limit integrators with fixed and rigid ports, but rather offers total compliance with whatever the system requires: “The most common size DSP in the market is 12X8 – one seen and used in the majority of pro audio applications. Kramer wanted to disrupt this standard to offer flexible inputs and outputs, meaning scaling of your audio management is now the easiest of processes.”

The benefits of flexibility that Kramer brings to pro AV’s audio professionals cannot be over-exaggerated. If a user had a 12 x 8 configuration and wants more inputs – no problem. With the integrated Kramer Flex I/O technology, users can configure the device to 14 inputs and 6 outputs from the built-in web-based user interface and be up and running almost instantly.

The integrated Kramer Flex I/O technology enables users to configure the analogue port configuration as they wish, using the default 12 x 8 I/O matrix configuration or selecting from one of the many other preset I/O configurations. Users can route any input to any output, even between different formats (for example, route an analogue input to an S/PDIF output). Control volume and DSP per port, and route any of the ports to the power amplifier.

JBL Professional Announces One Series 104-BT Desktop Reference Monitors with Bluetooth

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, today announced new JBL Professional One Series 104-BT and 104-BTW desktop reference monitors with Bluetooth.

JBL One Series 104-BT reference monitors enable content creators and audio professionals to stream accurate, studio-quality audio via Bluetooth or play back audio using a standard wired connection. Drawing from more than seven decades of JBL Professional engineering, JBL One Series 104-BT monitors deliver clear, detailed sound while mixing and editing. With an array of easily accessible input options, smart features and a sleek, compact design, JBL 104-BT monitors provide great sound in every listening scenario, with the added flexibility of wireless streaming. Black (104-BT) and white (104-BTW) finish options are available.JBL Professional Announces One Series 104-BT Desktop Reference Monitors with Bluetooth

“Music production has evolved beyond the recording studio, and today’s creative professionals and music lovers need reference monitors that deliver neutral, accurate sound to create mixes that translate well in a variety of listening environments,” said Chris Hansen, Director, Recording and Content Creation, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “With class-leading sound quality, impressive output and high-bandwidth Bluetooth 5.0 streaming capabilities, JBL 104-BT monitors provide an accurate, reliable sonic reference and a truly enjoyable listening experience. They’re perfect for musicians, producers, podcasters and professional audio engineers who want a compact reference monitor with the added benefit of Bluetooth at an accessible price.”

The JBL 104-BT reference monitor features a cutting-edge coaxial driver that pairs a contoured low-frequency woofer with a soft-dome tweeter, for accurate frequency response, superior imaging, crisp detail, and a wide sweet spot. The cabinet’s low-frequency port works with the driver to deliver impressive low frequency performance down to 60Hz. A powerful 60-watt Class D power amplifier distributes 30 watts per speaker for clear, undistorted, loudest-in-class output. And One Series’ innovative acoustic design, optimized for desktop use ensures accuracy without the need for additional EQ.

High-bandwidth Bluetooth 5.0 streaming, beyond offering the convenience of audio playback from mobile devices, provides audio professionals the ability to reference mixes over Bluetooth using a professional monitor, rather than a consumer portable device. This ensures that your audio will sound its best, no matter what the playback environment.

JBL 104-BT reference monitors integrate smoothly into any production workspace, thanks to smart features like a front-panel input control that selects Bluetooth, Aux, RCA, TRS or combines all inputs. Front-panel volume control allows convenient level adjustments without straying from the sweet spot, and a front-panel headphone jack conveniently mutes the speakers when you switch to headphones. Dual 1/4-inch balanced, dual RCA and single 1/8-inch inputs, along with Bluetooth accommodate a wide range of signal sources.

JBL One Series reference monitors were created with the modern production lifestyle in mind. With a sleek, elegant look and a compact form factor, creators can get legendary JBL sound while conserving valuable workspace. An optional protective carrying case will also be available for production on the go. Both the black 104-BT and white 104-BTW make stunning statements in any studio.


The JBL Professional One Series 104-BT and 104-BTW will be available first quarter 2020.


Poly Introduces Poly Studio X Series for Microsoft Teams

Poly Reinforces its Position as an End-to-End Solution Provider for Microsoft Teams with its Latest Video, Voice, Headset and Service Solutions Optimized for Teams


The Poly Studio X Series consists of two new video bars designed for small rooms, the Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50. The Poly Studio X Series are purpose-built appliances that will run the Teams application natively.

The Studio X Series supports 4K Ultra high definition (UHD), advanced noise suppression and unmatched video production rules to improve all aspects of the meeting experience. Set-up requires a single power-over-ethernet cable. Users can choose to control the Studio X Series with the new Poly TC8 touch screen.

The award-winning Poly Studio, a plug-and-play USB video bar for small huddle rooms, is now certified for Microsoft Teams. The Poly Studio USB video bar features room-filling audio, a 4K HD camera with built-in speaker tracking and framing, as well as support for remote cloud management for ongoing updates and configuration. The Poly Studio is currently available worldwide.

“Whenever and wherever people connect with Microsoft Teams, we will be there to provide the best-in-class audio, video and voice endpoints to make the experience that much better,” said Joe Burton, president and CEO at Poly. “We deliver everything you need on the journey to transition to Teams.”

Ilya Bukshteyn, partner director, Teams devices, Microsoft Corp. said, “We’re pleased to partner with Poly on a range of Microsoft Teams solutions – from video conferencing, to headsets, to desk and conference phones, to services. Poly is a one-stop-shop for Teams users that need to communicate and collaborate from anywhere and with anyone.”

“The Poly Studio X Series devices take simplicity to the next level,” said Ira M. Weinstein, managing partner at analyst firm Recon Research. “These sleek, all-in-one devices include mics, speakers, and camera, and come pre-loaded with the Microsoft Teams application. No software to load. From the box to a high-quality meeting room video conferencing experience in just a few minutes. This is a job well done.”

Showcasing End-to-End Solutions for Teams

Poly will also showcase its industry-leading voice, headset and service offerings to support Teams at Microsoft Ignite in the Poly booth (#2349):

The Poly CCX Series – Poly’s native Teams phones, are sleek business desk phones that combine a native Teams solution with premium voice quality. Three models, the CCX 400, CCX 500 and CCX 600, integrate Teams contact lists, calendar, and meetings. The CCX 400 delivers a cost-effective native Teams experience for the cost-conscious end-user, while the more premium CCX 500 and CCX 600 models power productivity with Poly HD Voice, Bluetooth, and intuitive color touch displays. The CCX 600 features a larger seven-inch display and integrated 802.11 Wi-Fi support. The CCX 500 is available in December 2019 and the CCX 400 and CCX 600 will be available in January 2020.

The Calisto 3200 optimized for Teams – Announced today, Poly’s first native Teams personal speakerphone allows you to take conference calls anywhere. This plug-and-play portable speakerphone features 360-degree audio for outstanding sound no matter where you are working. The single touch of a button invokes the Teams app on a PC and makes for easy communication and collaboration. Available December 2019.

Voyager Office Series optimized for Teams – Poly will preview a new version of its highly popular Voyager 4200 and Voyager 5200 products for in-office mobile professionals seeking versatile connectivity options to desk phone, smartphone or computer. Available December 2019.

Poly Managed Service for Teams – Poly has introduced Poly Managed Service for Teams. The hosted service aims to accelerate Teams adoption in enterprises worldwide with a range of managed services to support enterprises on their entire Teams journey. These services include identifying the most effective way for customers to migrate from legacy platforms, to Teams, the provisioning of endpoints and licenses, the end-to-end deployment of Teams, adoption, training and change management, as part of the ongoing managed service. This Managed Service can work in conjunction with Microsoft’s calling plan or any Direct Route service offer. Available now.

Poly will preview the Studio X Series for Teams at Microsoft Ignite. Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50 will be priced at $2,199 and $3,499 respectively, including the Poly TC8. The Poly Studio X Series will be available for pre-order in November with general availability in North America, Europe and select countries by December 2019. Native support on Teams will be available in 2020.

Panasonic Reduces AV Managers Workload With New 3LCD Laser Projectors

Panasonic has launched a new series of LCD laser projectors, with the PT-MZ16K range specifically designed to reduce the AV managers workload in businesses and universitie with simplified set-up, maintenance free operation, and countermeasures which mitigate the impact of technical faults.


The PT-MZ16 series combines up to 16,000 lumens brightness (PT-MZ16K) and WUXGA resolution for high quality projection with silent (38dB in normal mode) and light construction (22kg) making it an ideal solution for lecture theatres and seminar rooms.

In addition, the laser maintenance-free design eliminates the need for continued visits from AV managers. This is guaranteed due to the projectors dustproof construction and Eco filter that extends parts replacement for safe and extended operation for up to 20,000 hours.

A range of countermeasures also reduce the impact of technical faults such as the secondary backup signal input or the monitoring function which informs operators when problems have arisen and displays the specific fault for smooth technical restoration.

System set-up is also simplified with a dual-system LAN which supports DIGITAL LINK allowing transmission of HDMI signals, video audio and control commands for up to 150m. Existing ceiling brackets can also be used alongside Corner Keystone Correction to improve the speed of installation and decrease its cost.

“The market for AV in universities has seen a dramatic increase in recent years, implicating a strain on AV and IT managers which are operating across campuses to maintain technical demand,” said Hartmut Kulessa, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic. “Our new series of LCD laser projectors are designed to mitigate this pressure, by ensuring that the technology seamlessly operates across longer periods of time with simple solutions should any faults occur.”

Announced at Infocomm 2019, the PT-MZ16 series is composed of PT-MZ16K (16,000 lm), PT-MZ13K (13,000 lm) and PT-MZ10K (10,000 lm) and is set to be released in November 2019.