Interactive Display Screens

CSS Audio Visual can help you choose which Interactive Display in right for you. We have been installing Interactive Screens since they first came on the market. Calls us on 01-833 8653 for advice on which screen will best serve your needs. With sizes from 55″ to 86″ we can supply and fit the most appropriate high tech display for you.

Pro Series | ECAP
The E-CAP technology is a combination of IR on glass combined with EMR (electromagnetic resonance) the combination of the two touch technologies is the best of both worlds the EMR is highly accurate and a responsive writing style using an active stylus. The screen comes with two active stylus’s for dual pen functionality, palm recognition and pressure sensing technology. The addition of IR recognises finger touch and gesture meaning that you can write and gesture simultaneously. Download Datasheet

Pro Series | High Precision
This high precision infra-red technology is an enhancement on standard technology. Our touch frames can now recognise varied stylus, giving the ability to assign different colours to different stylus’s or to a stylus and finger. An ultra-precise writing experience and great gesture control is guaranteed. Download Datasheet