New Lumens Wireless Document Camera wins 2012 BETT award

Lumens Digital Optics Inc, the leading brand of presentation technology – Visualisers(Document Camera) is pleased to announce that the Lumens DC120 Wireless Visualiser has won the 2012 BETT award in the digital device category. The DC120 wireless Visualiser allows teachers to present lectures from anywhere in the room and even teach outside opening up new and exciting uses for a visualiser.We are committed to provide teachers with classroom tools that allow more innovative teaching techniques. We help teachers concentrate on the content and the students, rather than struggle with technology in front of them.

The BETT Award organisation has evaluated new classroom technology for over 25 years on quality, effectiveness and ease of use. Lumens are honored that the DC120 Wireless Flyer been chosen as one of the winners from among 100 entries. Lumens DC120 Flyer is The FIRST Wireless Visualiser in the world, and we are glad the BETT Award recognises Lumens’ achievements in product innovation and quality.

Teachers now just click the DC120 USB visualiser into the DC-A11 Wireless Flyer, and press the start button to initiate lessons conveniently. Our priority is to promote a  “user friendly”  device. The 6 cell Lithium Ion battery gives the Flyer a six hour life with minimum of weight;Combined the DC120 and DC-A11 weigh around 2kg which allows the teacher to go outside with this marvelous device;The DC-A11 will connect through 802.11g,b,n technology and allow the user to be up to 30 meters away from the PC. DC120 Wireless Flyer is exceptional addition to any interactive classroom environment needing display, capture, recording and networking capabilities.

Lumens provides a full range of visualisers that complete the sought-after 21st Century Classroom environment, and frees educators from the front of the room and puts annotation in the hands of student groups from the comfort of their seats for a truly interactive experience. Lumens as a leading visualisermanufacture will always try to develop award-winning solutions to provide the most interactive and effective presentation tools.

Key Features

  • No Wires!
  • Only for your Hi-Definition DC120 Document Camera
  • High-Definition Image Clarity
  • Excellent Color Reproduction Quality
  • Built-in Microphone (via USB only)