Epson Launches New Let’s Share Wireless Presentation Systems

New solutions enable wireless connection to any flat panel or projector display via wireless transmitters, Epson’s iProjection app or Miracast, from any source.

With lockdown restrictions easing around the world and many workspaces reopening, Epson has launched two wireless presentation systems – the Let’s share ELPWP10 and ELPWP20 – for use in education and business environments.

The two solutions enable wireless connection to any flat panel or projector display via the wireless transmitters or Epson’s iProjection app or Miracast, from any source such as a laptop or mobile device. Security is ensured via AES-128 encryption.

The ELPWP10 connects any source device directly to a select range of Epson laser display solutions, with users simply plugging the wireless transmitter into their laptop, or using the iProjection app on their mobile device. With the ELPWP20, content can be shared securely from any device to any display via the bundled wireless receiver. Like with the ELPWP10, this is achieved using a wireless transmitter and plugging it into a laptop or connecting another mobile device via the iProjection app or via Miracast.

Both the ELPWP10 and the ELPWP20 also allow content to be displayed from four different devices simultaneously, making content sharing a seamless experience.

Simone Martorina, business manager for visual instruments at Epson UK, said: “How easily we can share our own work when joining a meeting is one of the main obstacles employees have had to overcome in the modern workspaces. Our new Wireless Presentation Systems were created with this in mind and putting them together with our innovative display solutions is the perfect combination to share, see and collaborate using multiple content on a large display. Users can easily switch between multiple sources presenting simultaneously and our new system’s competitive price positioning makes this even more affordable.

“For both models, users can connect up to six transmitters and display up to four different sets of content at the same time. The quick and easy connection means no time is wasted fiddling with cables, which can often delay the start of a meeting or session. Instead, users can focus on delivering compelling content and easily sharing ideas. These devices could not have come at a better time as we head out of lockdown and back into the office and classroom.”