Projector /Flatscreen Brackets

Smart Media Solutions – Extensive modular philosophy.

We are proud of our modularĀ X series. Simply adding or exchanging a small individual part allows the product to perform a totally new function. You can, for example, fix your screen to the wall or suspend it from the ceiling. Or easily roll your presentation around with you, connect most sizes of screen, create practical shelf storage, and attach storage for your peripherals.

SMS Flatscreen X CH S

A ceiling bracket that can make screens that weigh up to 50 kg float in space.

SMS Flatscreen X CH SD

A ceiling bracket that provides extra possibilities by allowing two screens to be placed back-to-back.

SMS Projector X CL F Mini

This projector bracket puts your projector right up close to the ceiling.

SMS Projector X CL F

A projector bracket suitable for any height.

SMS X Flatscreen CH Triangle

An effective way to communicate your message in such settings as conventions and hotel foyers.

SMS Flatscreen X WH S

A flexible wall bracket that is available in several lengths.

SMS Flatscreen X WFH S

A wall/floor bracket for screens up to 50 kg.

SMS Flatscreen X WFH Video Conference

A video conference system for double screens mounted on the wall or standing on the floor.

SMS Flatscreen X WH Video Conference

A wall-mounted video conference system, with space for double screens.

SMS Flatscreen X FH

A gracile floor stand for heavy screens.

SMS Flatscreen X FH M

A flexible solution mounted on wheels.

SMS Flatscreen X FH Video Conference

A mobile video conference system with space for double screens.

SMS Flatscreen X FH Triangle

Display all sides of your message.

SMS Flatscreen X FH MD

Two screens that face different directions on a single bracket.